Leading scientist and operation manager


Dr. Tristan O. Nagy is working as a scientific researcher and lecturer at the Department of Physical Chemistry of Vienna University. His fields of research are laser spectroscopy and fundamental electrochemistry of galvanic passive-coating systems. Along with the experimental studies during and after his doctoral work he has been heavily involved in several national and international projects for over eight years. For those, he was primarily responsible for the development, set-up and automation of integrated laser-experimental lab systems. The laser-spectroscopic developments which he and Ulrich Pacher worked up and deployed at the Nanotechnology of Interfaces working group are the foundation of the LIStrat-technology.

Leading technician


Ulrich Pacher works as leading techical assistant in the Nanotechnology of Interfaces Working Group at the Department of Physical Chemistry of the University of Vienna. In this position, he is deeply involved into the conceptual and prototypization of the running LIBS-Systems. At LIStrat, he is responsible for the actuation and manipulation of laser setups as well as evaluation and visualization of the experimental results.

Scientific development


Morris J.J. Weimerskirch is studying physics at the University of Vienna and worked together with Tristan Nagy and Ulrich Pacher on the analysis of passive metal films. He is responsible for the extension and enhancement of the detection mechanism used in the LIStrat setup and explores different data analysis methods to improve speed and accuracy even further.